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144 James St North

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144 James St North

Hamilton, Ontario

Tuesday -Sunday

10:30am - 5pm

CLOSED Mondays

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Luxury Gifts

Luxury Gifts

This collection of holiday gifts is for the super special crafter in your life who deserves a special gift this season. Maybe they've been working extra hard lately or have had a stressful year at the office or at home. Spoil them with special tools, kits, or yarn and give them the gift of time spent doing what they love!

ChiaoGoo IC Twist RedLace Stainless Steel 5" Set

From $180.00
Out of stock

ChiaoGoo Twist Yellow SHORTIES [L] Interchangeable Set (5.5-8mm) - 3" tips


Knitter's Pride Ginger Interchangeable Deluxe Set


Koigu Festive 25 day KPPPM Pencil Pack


Koigu Solstice Jasmine DK Pencil Packs


Round Kantha Project Tote


Stockholm Slipover (Luna) Project Kit

From $80.00

Tokyo Shawl (Variation) Kit